Red Cross Month

Natalie Holbrook
KMC American Red Cross

***image1***March is a time for the Red Cross to commemorate its accomplishments and to look forward to future goals. The KMC American Red Cross’ mission is delivery of emergency communication. And, we have delivered more than 1,400 emergency messages to servicemembers. Red Cross instructors trained more than 400 people in essential lifesaving skills and nearly 200 people in the KMC volunteered about 22,000 hours. Their dedication is evident in these statistics and demonstrates just how much the KMC is served by Red Cross volunteers.

As March is a time to commemorate Red Cross involvement we would like to take this opportunity to reach out to potential volunteers and showcase activities at Ramstein.

Red Cross volunteers can be spotted around the base offering their time and talents in health and safety programs, in medical clinics and doing community service. Thirty volunteers give approximately 500 hours monthly in such positions as instructors, dental assistants, and legal office assistants.

The Ramstein Red Cross goal is to increase volunteer numbers specifically for these positions: CPR\First Aid\AED instructors who will be trained to deliver courses. Volunteers do not need previous teaching experience or medical field expertise. Volunteers are needed to work as health and safety services coordinators, whose role is to promote the delivery of Red Cross courses. Interested parties should possess a strong background in health and safety.

Ramstein schools need lunch monitors, playground monitors, volunteers for the crosswalk program and nurse office assistants. Volunteers are needed at both fitness centers and at each post office, as well as the law center claims department and for the Area Defense Council. Medical clinic volunteers are also needed.

Child care is available through the Child Care for Volunteers Program for active-duty Air Force personnel and their family members. Funded by the Air Force Aid Society, eligible Red Cross volunteers can apply to receive childcare assistance up to 30 hours weekly per child.

For more information on how to become a Red Cross volunteer, contact the American Red Cross at Ramstein at 480-2171/5464 or 06371-47-2171/5464 or Office hours are Monday to Friday from 7:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.