Regional Running Review: June offers interesting runs

by Maj. Ryan M. Coyne
Contributing writer

Early this morning I wasn’t sure whether or not I was going to go for my morning run. As usual, I went through the mental gymnastics some runners go through when they are not quite ready to go from a deep sleep to running outside in the span of a few minutes. However, since the weather has been superb and the sun is now coming up around 5:15 a.m., my list of “not running” excuses is quickly dwindling.

My goal of logging at least three to four miles before work has progressively gotten easier, but like any good habit its takes practice.

It all starts with the dreaded alarm, followed by fleeting moments of self-doubt or outright denial about the idea of dragging ourselves out of bed, lacing up the shoes to the important decision point of pushing out the door onto our favorite morning running course.

Even if you make it out the door, the internal voices will still be hard at work telling the morning runner, “maybe this run isn’t such a bright idea.”

As I left my house this morning my first thoughts were, “it’s kind of cold out here” and “maybe I should go back in.” For me it usually takes around a mile to go from “why am I out here?” to “this isn’t that bad.” I’m sure you will agree those first 10 minutes are the hardest; everything after is usually smooth sailing for the recreational morning runner.

It doesn’t matter if you’re getting your miles in the morning, afternoon or both, the following June race suggestions could be a great opportunity to put those training miles to work.

Although it was difficult to limit my suggestions down to only four, my goal was to provide one race suggestion for every weekend in June.

The first local option is the “Fit in Lautern Lauf,” a 5 and 10 km run on June 5 in Kaiserslautern. Start and finish will be located at the Schulzentrum Süd, Im Stadtwald 2. Many Kaiserslautern races have been held at this venue with great success. Parking, facilities and course selections are all excellent.

The following weekend, I would suggest making the short drive over to Luxembourg City to participate in the ING Europe-Marathon and Half Marathon on June 11.

The race website said it best: “An exceptionally beautiful course marked by symbols of European history.” The 7 p.m. start time on that Saturday should make this race even more unique.

Coming off a great half marathon weekend you might want to sign up to participate in the Hornbach City ― Lauf Kaiserslautern 10K on June 19. This late morning race is scheduled to start at 11 a.m.

Finally, just in case you needed a good reason to make a quick trip down to Bavaria, I suggest signing up for the Stadtlauf München SportScheck
on June 26. Whether you take on the half marathon at 8 a.m. or the 10K at 11 a.m., running a race through downtown Munich in late June is hard to beat.
Whether you’re an athlete who just enjoys getting in a few miles in the morning or a racing pro, June is going to be a very good month to be a runner stationed in Germany.