Students send aid to Katrina-hit schools

Christina Howe
Eighth-grade National Junior Honor Society member

***image1***Across the KMC, children are tapping into their piggy banks, selling
cookies and cakes, bagging groceries and washing cars to raise money
for children in Louisiana, where schools were devastated by Hurricane

At Landstuhl Elementary and Middle School, the National Junior Honor
Society recently hosted a school supply drive for the victims of
Hurricane Katrina.
Amy Chenoweth, the sponsor for the NJHS, sent letters to schools that
had been hit and those that accepted students from the affected
schools, telling them about the drive.

***image2***Officials from one of the schools, Bayou Woods Elementary, wrote back:
“Many of our students and faculty/staff members have been devastated by
the storm, many having up to 10 feet of water in their homes. These
people have lost everything,” the official wrote. “All school items are
greatly welcomed.”

KMC students, teachers and parents have come through for them. They
have organized drives to collect paper, notebooks, pencils, crayons,
markers, colored pencils, scissors, glue, library books and backpacks.
At Kaisers-lautern American Middle School, the NJHS members sold
hotdogs to raise more than $150 for schools affected by the hurricane.
***image3***And over the weekend, the Ramstein American High School JROTC raised
$2,500 bagging groceries at the Ramstein commissary to raise funds for
hurricane victims. Sembach students in Spanish courses recently sold
Hispanic food and raised more than $300 for hurricane relief efforts.

“Even if a student can only bring in one item, it will make a difference to those in need,” Mrs. Chenoweth said.