Renovated dining facility will better serve Airmen

by Staff Sgt.
Ramstein Public Affairs

The Rheinland Inn Dining Facility has just finished undergoing construction to its dining rooms to better serve servicemembers in the KMC.

The renovations are an attempt to turn the cafeteria style setting into more of an authentic German style restaurant. The renovations began Jan. 5 and were completed in late March. The renovations changed the overall atmosphere of the facility, giving a more intimate setting versus an industrial cafeteria feel. The upgrades cost nearly $460,000 and included new flooring, dining furniture, wall treatments and lighting.

“The old dining rooms were dark, cramped and dated,” said Master Sgt. Brian Perkins, 435th Services Squadron Rhineland Inn Dining Facility manager. “The new renovations brighten the rooms and give them a warmer feel.”

The facility serves more than 260,000 meals annually and the last major renovations to the facility happened in 1999.

So far, the DFAC has one of the two newly renovated dining rooms up and running and receiving a good response from Airmen.

“The improvements are also reminding patrons of their past visits to family restaurants stateside and giving the facility that ‘touch of home’ that they miss,” Sergeant Perkins said.

Airman 1st Class Caleb Pierce, a dining facility patron, said he likes the renovated facility much better.

“It is a place where I can enjoy my meals and relax with friends in a restaurant