Residents must learn how to dispose of trash

An increase in illegal trash dumping on KMC military installations has been noted.
In accordance with Ramstein Pamphlet 32-602 Military Family Housing Brochure, off-base residents, military or civilian, and their family members, contractors, teachers and local national residents are not authorized to bring their personal property refuse onto any installation for disposal in facility dumpsters, recycle centers or  in MFH underground dumpsters. If you think you see this happening, note the license plate number and call security forces immediately.

Off-base residents automatically pay a refuse and recycling fee as part of their housing costs and must utilize these local community collection services versus sneaking additional tonnage onto installations and increasing refuse and recycling costs unnecessarily. Recycling is the law in Germany, and proper disposal of personal property is the responsibility of each resident using the collection services appropriate to their community. 

For those living in on-base MFH units, residents are responsible for keeping living areas clean and safe. This includes adhering to the rules of disposing refuse and recycling materials. You may be charged removal and clean-up fees and your privilege to live in base housing terminated if you abandon property inside or outside of your quarters. Oversized items and hazardous waste materials are your responsibility to dispose of at the nearest recycle center.

Below are 10 general rules of engagement for properly dealing with trash:

• No off-base refuse or recyclables should come onto installations and placed into any dumpster, underground containers or base recycle centers.

• Place trash inside dumpsters and/or underground containers, not on the ground by the containers since trash left outside the containers will not be collected.

• Place bulk trash outside the night before announced/scheduled bulk pickups in MFH, and not earlier.
• Do not place bulk trash on top of underground containers, but on sidewalks near the containers.

• Tires are restricted as “special” waste because they cause damage to the environment.  Turn in your tires to the vendor, KMC recycling centers, MWR auto skills facilities or the Ramstein Auto Salvage yard.

• Waste oil can soak into the ground and enter the ground water in local ditches, streams, lakes and even our drinking water supply. A single drop of oil contaminates 1 million drops of water. Turn your waste oil in to the KMC recycling centers or the MWR Auto Skills facilities. 

• Only personnel who live on base are allowed to use the recycling center, with one exception: if you have PCS orders in hand, you can use the recycling center.

• Security forces will begin citing for Article 92 for active-duty individuals referring to Ramstein Pamphlet 32-602 Military Family Housing Brochure.

• Personnel guilty of improper and illegal dumping will be charged for the full cost of removal and clean-up. 

If you have any questions, call the Civil Engineer Customer Service Line at 489-7703 or the Ramstein Recycling Center at 480-4191.

(Courtesy of 786th Civil Engineer Squadron)