Residents obey winter duties

Each year numerous accidents occur as a result of snow and ice
conditions.  According to officials of public order offices, in
some cases these accidents could have been prevented if all home and
property owners and tenants had carried out their responsibilities
regarding the correct and timely removal of snow and ice.  

“If snow and ice hinder the regular use of roads and pedestrian
walkways, then these must be cleared according to the town’s
regulations,” said Michael Brehm from the Weilerbach Public Order

Home and property owners and tenants are obligated to perform these duties, as agreed on in the rental agreement.

-If necessary, frozen or hard- packed snow must be removed, for example, by chipping.
-The removed snow must not hinder traffic or pedestrian walkways and surface drainage must remain free.
-Snow must not be shoveled onto the road.
-Snow which has fallen during the night must be removed before regular traffic begins.  
-During thawing, drains must remain free.
-Clearing snow is not restricted to the above, but also applies to
walkways, pedestrian crossings and very hazardous road sections. Where
no walkway exists a 1.5 meter (60 inches) strip bordering the property
is the designated walkway.  
-Roads, pedestrian crossings and walkways must, if necessary, be
cleared and gritted (grit is a combination of on-hazardous salt, gravel
and sand) several times per day to maintain safe surfaces.

The main priority roads passing through towns will be cleared and
maintained by the responsible city maintenance service. The maintenance
service apologizes to residents whose walkways and driveways may be
affected by piled up snow.

However, this service is of benefit to the residents as they are only required to clear the walkways.

“Please ensure that parked vehicles do not impede clearance work,” said
Mr. Brehm. “We appreciate your understanding and hope you fulfill your
obligations as home and property owners and tenants.”  
(Courtesy of Weilerbach Public Order Office)