Residents off base must remove snow

***image1***In winter, house owners must keep sidewalks free of ice and snow. Town and community members oblige them based on community rules.
Usually, house owners turn over this obligation to their renters. As soon as there is a danger of black ice, renters or landlords must throw salt, sand or gravel on walkways. Snow must be swept off so pedestrians can walk.
People don’t have to free the whole sidewalk of ice and snow, but to an extent so two people can get by. They don’t have to sweep snow if it continues snowing, but must remove it about 15 to 30 minutes after it stops snowing.
In most communities, sweeping snow and throwing salt must be done between 7 a.m. (when people go to work) and 8 p.m.
In extreme weather, even throughout the day, the cleaning procedures must be repeated. If renters are, according to their contract, obliged to take care of cleaning their sidewalks, they must find somebody to do it for them if they won’t be able to because of sickness or work.
“In base housing, occupants are responsible for keeping facility doorsteps, landings, walkways and facility ramps clear of snow and ice,” said Dan Nixon, facility chief, 435th Civil Engineer Squadron.
“Building leaders come up with a schedule and duty roster, so occupants know when its their turn,” he added.
Responsibility of cleanliness extends 100 feet in all directions from the building. If one area overlaps another, each building custodian shares equal responsibility for the overlap area.
Snow removal in parking lots is the responsibility of base civil engineers and will be removed as mission requirements of salt are available at the Self Help Store.
(Information from Ramstein-Miesenbach community office and Base Civil Engineer Real Property Management KMC Facility Manager’s Handbook)