Residents should place Christmas trees outdoors to be picked up for recycling

Courtesy of Kaiserslautern County Administration office

The environmental office of the Kaiserslautern County Administration asks KMC residents to properly recycle their Christmas trees.

Residents can drop off the trees at the official collecting places for green waste in their villages or they can place their Christmas trees on the pick-up days in front of the house towards the edge of the road by 6 a.m.

The trees will be used to make compost, so residents are asked to make sure all decorations are removed.

***image1***Following is a list of pick-up dates for Christmas trees:

Monday: Martinshöhe, Gerhardsbrunn, Langwieden, Lambsborn, Elschbach, Miesau, Buchholz, Vogelbach and Bruchmühlbach

Tuesday: Linden, Krickenbach, Mittelbrunn, Schopp, Queidersbach, Oberarn-bach and Bann

Wednesday: Hochspeyer, Waldleinin-gen, Johanniskreuz, Fischbach, Frankenstein, Trippstadt, Langensohl and Stelzenberg

Thursday: Alsenborn, Enkenbach, Mehlingen, Baalborn, Sembach and Neuhemsbach

Jan. 12: Niederkirchen, Mehlbach, Heiligenmoschel, Schneckenhausen, Heimkirchen, Hirschhorn, Katzweiler, Schallodenbach, Wörsbach, Olsbrücken, Frankelbach, Sulzbachtal, Mohrbach and Eulenbis

Jan. 15: Ramstein, Miesenbach, Weltersbach, Steinwenden, Obermohr, Kirchmohr and Schrollbach

Jan. 16: Landstuhl

Jan. 17: Hauptstuhl, Kottweiler-Schwanden, Kollweiler, Reichenbach-Steegen and Spesbach

Jan. 18: Hütschenhausen, Katzenbach, Niedermohr, Reuschbach, Fockenberg-Limbach and Albersbach

Jan. 19: Kindsbach

Jan. 22: Otterberg and Drehenthalerhof

Jan. 23: Otterbach and Sambach

Jan. 24: Weilerbach, Erzenhausen and Samuelshof

Jan. 25: Rodenbach and Mackenbach

Jan. 26: Pörrbach and Schwedelbach

For more information, call the Kaiserslautern County waste council office at 0631-7105-408 or 0631-7105-319.