Rhein-Main billeting, long-term parking changing as close nears

As Rhein-Main Air Base draws closer to its Oct. 15 closer date, travelers who frequent the base will begin to notice changes in services provided.

Some of those changes have already taken affect. Space available lodging is no longer available on the base. And a change in the long-term parking policy gives priority to people traveling on Air Mobility Command missions.
The new long-term parking policy took effect July 14.

Long-term parking is now available up to 30 days for passengers departing on missions and those traveling through the Frankfurt International Airport. As parking spaces decrease, first priority will be given to passengers traveling on AMC flights.

All long-term parking customers must check-in with the AMC terminal staff in Bldg. 400 to obtain a parking placard identifying the owner, contact telephone number and the traveler’s return date.

In addition, all customers who park in designated long-term parking areas must provide documentation to show they will return no later than Oct. 15. Any vehicle remaining past Oct. 15 will be towed at the owner’s expense.
Travelers who require a place to stay no longer have the Gateway Inn to count on. The inn closed July 1. As a result, there is no space available lodging authorized and no Air Force lodging program at Rhein-Main, to include contract quarters in the Frankfurt, Germany area.

Contingency lodging in direct support of wartime operations will remain available through September.

Travelers needing lodging in the Frankfurt area must make their own hotel reservations and should plan accordingly for additional transportation costs. Travelers in the Frankfurt area should contact the surrounding military communities at Darmstadt, Wiesbaden, Ramstein and Spangdahlem for lodging assistance.

Lodging questions can be directed to the following numbers: Ramstein – 490-2985, Rhein-Main – 330-6971, Spangdahlem – 452-6504, Darmstadt – 348-1700, and Wiesbaden – 338-7212.
(Courtesy of USAFE News Service)