RMS presents two nights of stellar productions

Story by Sequinn Lee
Photos by David Eldredge
Ramstein Middle School

The 7th period drama class performed “12 Angry Pigs,” a one-act production written by Wade Bradford, on May 29 In this comical yet surprisingly educational parody of “Twelve Angry Men,” a certain wolf is on trial for blowing down a pair of houses owned by the Three Little Pigs. A jury of swine must now decide if they will oink in favor of conviction, or declare the wolf not guilty. Throughout the deliberation, most of the angry pigs believe the wolf is big and bad. However, a “non-oinker” is hesitant to convict so the pigs begin to review the evidence and ask some tough questions.
Cast and crew members meeting the audience after the curtain call was a highlight after each production. Both performances were directed by RMS Drama teacher, Sequinn Lee.

From left to right: Kylie Thomas, Abigail Branham, and Elise Moore
From left to right: Kathleen Adams and Kylie Thomas
Kylie Thomas
From left to right: Corynn Bean, Rebekah Nelson, Valeria Henriquez Cortez, Chantel Jiggetts, and Katarina Nelson
Back row (left to right): Kylie Presicci, Emma Leon, Abigail Branham, Genevieve Nelson, Valeria Henriquez Cortez, Rebekah Nelson, Kathleen Adams, Corynn Bean, Kylie Thomas, Saria Gonzalez, Sara Christensen, Elise Moore, Katarina Nelson, Savannah Dismute, London Rosiere, and Chantel Jiggetts Front row (left to right): Mikayla Grant, Roman Johnson, Kolton Krosschell, Mekael Abebe, and Michael “Drew” Killian
From left to right: Tristan Buhite, Hannah Smiley, Abigail Blythe, and Peyton Swann
From left to right: Amani Sanford, Tristan Buhite, Hannah Smiley, and Abigail Blythe
Back row (left to right): Baileigh Mitchell, Analynn Brewster, Amarilis Cortes, Amani Sanford, Annie McFarland, Hannah Smiley, Peyton Fernandez, Peyton Swann, Alysha Edwards, Abigail Blythe, Shaliyah Morris, Audrey Hauck, Avery Manis, and Ameilia McCrory Front row (left to right): James McClure, Tristan Buhite, Gabriel Werner, Brendan Ford, Joshua Jensen, Carson Bugg, and Andrew Wilson
Analynn Brewster