Rogues run to 38-12 victory

***image1***Playing in perfect weather for rugby at their home
field in Queidersbach, the RAF Ramstein Rogues Rugby Football Club
handily defeated the visiting team from Trier/Andernach this past
Saturday, 38-12.

The Rogues scored first in the match, with a
diving try to score in the corner by Mike Wissemann (US Army). Also
scoring well-deserved tries were Trapper Skrypek (435th MUNS), Rico
Colon (24th IS) and Brad Walters (435th CS), who scored twice. Golden
Toe Rico Colon kicked several successful conversion points after the
tries were made, and  Barney Smith (US Army) also showed his
caliber with some kicked points.

Man of the Match accolades were
passed on to Rico Colon for his dominance and presence on the pitch, as
he consistently was where the tackles were being made and chased down
numerous Trier players, limiting their scoring

Taylor Johnston (76th AS), referee
and coach for the RAF Rogues, noted that the team was developing fine
with new talent. Players had been coming out weekly to learn this
unique game and, because of the similarities between rugby and U.S.
football, made it a sought-after sport for the hard-core sports
enthusiast, Mr. Johnston said. The team has gained several new players
whose contributions to the rugby arena have been well received. 

The Rogues look forward to the next few weekends as they host teams from Darmstadt Saturday and Kaiserslautern/Speyer May 20.

Their annual away tournament tour to Rimini, Italy is also coming up. (Courtesy of the Ramstein Rogues)