Rogues trounce KL/Speyer

***image1***Under an overcast sky on their home field, the RAF Ramstein Rogues Rugby Football Club unleashed a 40-0 thrashing last weekend against the composite team from Kaiserslautern and Speyer. 

Graham Cass opened the scoring when he split the gap in the KL/Speyer back line and scored right between the goalposts in the first few minutes of play.  That was the only score of the first half, and the Rogues went into the break with a 7-0 lead.

After the break, though, the Rogues sealed the coffin on their opponent, scoring five more times in the second half. The Rogues were everywhere. Trapper Skrypek (435th CS) flew in from the wing for points and Cass took it to the try-zone two more times for the hat trick.

The Ramstein forwards also did not let their skills go unnoticed, with Rico Colon (24th IS) plowing over opponents for a score, and Orlando Guzman (US Army) seeing the try zone for the first time in his rugby career.  The conversions after were well taken by either Barney Smith (US Army) or Colon, who snipered points onto the board and sealed the game fate for the KL/Speyer side.

Ultimately, the developing KL/Speyer side struggled against a larger scrum-pack and could not match Ramstein’s superior rugby skills and experience.  Shane Carter (1st CBCS), who was afterwards named the Man of the Match, commented that, “The Ramstein forwards dominated the scrumming, stealing the opponent’s balls several times during critical scrums, and lineouts were dominated by Rico and Orlando quite handily.”
The RAF Ramstein Rogues depart this weekend for a tournament in Rimini, Italy, and hope to bring awards home. 

The club’s most critical match is scheduled for June 17 against Mainz University at their home field.  The winner of this match will decide the Rheinland-Pfalz Champion for the season. (Courtesy of the Ramstein Rogues)