Saving water starts with you

Courtesy of 86th Civil Engineer Squadron

Last year, Air Force facilities and military family housing within the KMC used more than 450 million gallons of water, which cost more than $5 million.

Every member of the KMC has a part to play in water conservation. Water saving initiatives positively impact our ecological relationship with water sources and result in a significant reduction of utility bills.
An active concern to save water will reduce consumption without sacrificing cleanliness or interfering with lifestyles.

Did you know?

• Over the course of a year, a water faucet left running while shaving, brushing your teeth and while washing your hands wastes about 32 gallons of water.

• A continuous shower requires up to 12 gallons per minute, and a full bathtub uses 36 gallons. Wetting down, soaping up and rinsing off rapidly uses only four gallons.

• Automatic dishwashers use up to 16 gallons of water; washing dishes by hand in a sink or dishpan requires only five gallons.

Make a change!

• Buy water-saving devices such as water efficient faucets and shower heads. Water efficient shower heads can save up to 750 gallons a month.

• Take shorter showers. Run water only for wetting down and rinsing. Put a bucket in the shower and collect water while it is warming for use on potted plants.

• Turn off the water when shaving, brushing teeth or soaping hands.

• Run only full loads in the washing machine; this can save up to 600 gallons a month.

• Wash dishes by hand in a sink or a dishpan. Run only full loads in the dishwasher, and minimize rinsing beforehand.

• Thaw frozen foods in the refrigerator rather than a sink full of water. Wash your produce in the sink or a pan that is filled with water instead of running water from the tap.

• Listen for dripping faucets and toilets. Stopping a leak can save 500 gallons a month.

• Don’t use the toilet as a trashcan. Toss your facial tissues in the bin.

• In summer months, water the lawn only in the morning and evening hours, limit duration based on expected temperatures, and if rain is forecasted, don’t water.

By empowering change at work, home and everywhere in between, the results will be real and measurable. Know your facility manager, and contact them if you notice leaks.

For more tips, check out or contact your KMC energy management team at 480-6421.