School drama class presents ‘Grease’

Sharon Emerling
Contributing writer

***image1***Landstuhl Middle School drama class presented the hit musical “Grease” at the Landstuhl Army Medical Center’s Heaton Auditorium recently.
Auditions and rehearsals for the show began in February.
“I had to read lines to Ms. Goodner to try out,” said eighth-grader Drew Reese (Danny). “I didn’t go in planning to try out for the (lead) role of Danny, but Ms. Goodner encouraged me to go for it, and I did. I was surprised that I got the part.”
The students rehearsed two or three times per week at the school, but only twice at the Heaton Auditorium. Auditions were open to all students currently in drama class as well as to any student who has previously been in the class.
“I was nervous before the show, but I was really pleased with the way it went,” said sixth-grader Juliann Savard (Sandy).
Eighth-grader Daniel Nexler (Putzy) said, “Part of the fun was improvising as we went.”
“The play was a lot of fun, but a lot of hard work, too,” said Nicole Taylor, eighth grade. “It was great that it went so well.”
According to the students, the hardest part, but everyone’s favorite, was the scene for “Greased Lightning.”
Eighth-grader Eric Press (Doody) said it was the hardest part because “that’s one of the songs everyone knows. People expect it to be right. We had to do it well.”
“The hand jive was really hard, too. You had to keep up the rhythm and movements for a long time, and even the audience was trying to Jive,” said Troy Most.
“It was the hardest scene, but the most fun because the guys doing it had so much fun. They were enjoying it, and it showed. They did a really good job,” said eighth-grader Emily Jobes (the Coach).
Costumes were both hand-made and donated.
Some of the costumes were even sent from the States, said Ms. Goodner. “Pat Rubenstein, Valerie Rutan’s grandmother, made and sent them to us.”
“It was complicated to pull everything together, but it was really very successful. The costumes were really fun to wear, too.” said eighth-grader Alley LeStrange (Frenchy).
The students were enthused about how well each of their fellow actors did.
“Texas (Hutchins) sang really well. She has a great voice, and even though she was nervous at first, she did a great job,” said eighth-grader Katie Francis, (the School Principal).
“Some lady that we don’t even know came up and told us that we were great. That was so nice to hear,” said eighth-grader Kelsey Reyes (the Nurse).
“We need to thank Ms. (Elizabeth) Goodner for everything. She was patient and friendly, and a great director,” said eighth-grader Troy Most, (the character Kniggy).
“We also could not have done it without Mr.(William) Goodner. He was back stage, cuing us and keeping us straight. We’d have been lost without him,” said eighth-grader Courtney Collins (Jan).