School notebook

New scholarships available

The University of Maryland is offering two new scholarships, one to active-duty students and one to spouses of active-duty members. For the active-duty members, the Orkand Family Military Book Award will pay $100 to qualifying students. For the spouses of active-duty members, the Orkand Family Military Fund will pay $1,000 per semester toward the cost of education to eligible spouses. Contact the University of Maryland at 480-5611/4866 to learn about eligibility requirements and application procedures for these scholarships.

AFAS grants available

The Air Force Aid Society provides $2,000 grants to selected sons and daughters of active-duty and retired military, selected reserve and surviving spouses of selected deceased members for undergraduate studies. For more information or to check your eligibility, visit the AFAS Web site at and download a copy of the application.  Deadline for submission is March 6.