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Megan Buffington
Contributing writer

Find an American college experience in Europe

Many high schoolers start to run into problems this time of year scheduling visits to universities for potential further study. Even in the States it can be expensive to organize a college trip. It’s even more difficult for child dependents who live in a foreign country trying to adjust to a new way of life and whose parents are often deployed.

***image1***Now, as students begin moving into the next chapter of their lives they’re finding it difficult to properly explore all of their options. What many students don’t know is that there are plenty of opportunities to visit colleges right here in Europe.

There are a great number of American universities overseas that provide the same quality education as back home, but have the unique atmosphere and culture of Europe. There are American universities in Dublin, London, Rome, Paris, Geneva, Brussels, Switzerland, Greece and Bulgaria. 

I attend Richmond, the American International University in London. This school is one-of-a-kind in the aspect that it offers a dual accreditation for both the American system and the British system. So, if one desires, they could transfer to a British or American school with great ease along with all their credits. Their degree would be valid in both the UK and the U.S.

It was actually by chance that I found this university. A representative came to Ramstein American High School for College Night when I was a junior.

I had been focused on the States for colleges because I thought Europe was a long shot and had no idea that American universities even existed overseas, with the exception of study abroad programs.

The more I read about the school the more interested I became. Especially, that it was a “true” international school, hosting students from more than 150 nations, with about 30 percent of those being American. I became even more intrigued by what they offered.

They invited me to their Fall Opening Day − an event usually attended by roughly 100 prospective students and their families to scope out the college.

Unfortunately, my parents couldn’t accompany me to London and I had almost given up hope. But, the school was extremely supportive and offered one night accommodation to prospective students. It was an amazing opportunity that eventually helped me decide where I wanted to go to college.

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