Schools enforce ‘No Smoking Policy’

Maj. Mike Young
435th Air Base Wing
Public Affairs

***image1***The Department of Defense Dependent Schools within the KMC are partnering with military leaders, parents and students to enforce a long-standing no-smoking policy at all KMC schools.
In short, said Sheila Jolivette, KMC Schools Liaison Officer, any use of tobacco or nicotine products is strictly prohibited. Furthermore, the “No Smoking Policy” needs careful attention, particularly for middle and high school students, she said.
“DODDS students, while under the care of school personnel during the school day, are responsible for following school policies,” said Ms. Jolivette. “This is not a change in District policy, merely the enforcement of a long-standing rule.”
Not only is DODDS moving to strictly enforce the standing smoking policy, but military leadership is also stepping up efforts to enforce the ban on smoking in non-designated areas throughout the KMC, but especially around the schools, to reduce fire and safety hazards.
“Part of providing a secure and safe environment for our families is enforcing the rules that reduce risks from both immediate hazards like fire and the longer term hazards that smoking brings to health,” said Brig. Gen. Rosanne Bailey, 435th Air Base Wing and KMC commander.
“As someone who quit smoking 27 years ago, I know how easy it is to start and how hard it is to quit; therefore it is most important to stop or delay our youth from starting,” said the general.
Students smoking in wooded areas, on and around some of the many scenic trails that cut through KMC installations, is of particular concern.
“To promote fire safety, effective immediately, smoking on installation trails and in wooded areas is prohibited. Violators can and will be subject to legal actions,” said General Bailey.
School district officials strongly support the policy as well, and stand squarely behind its enforcement.
“Students who violate the no smoking policy are subject to the disciplinary actions of the local school,” said Carl Albrecht, chief of staff, Kaiserslautern District Schools.
“Effective immediately, schools cannot designate areas for student smokers on or off campus,” said Mr. Albrecht.
The KMC Schools Liaison Office encourages the community to assist with the “No Smoking Policy” at KMC schools and on installation trails, as well as in wooded areas.
“By reviewing and enforcing the ‘No Smoking Policy,’ family members, co-workers, neighbors and friends can make a difference in base appearance and overall community health,” said Ms. Jolivette.
For more information about the “No Smoking Policy” in schools and on installations call, Ms. Jolivette at 489-6771.

No Smoking Policy
Possessing or using tobacco, or any product containing tobacco or nicotine products, including but not limited to, cigarettes, cigars, miniature cigars, cloves, smokeless tobacco, including snuff, chew packets and betel while on school property.
No smoking is allowed while en route between school and home, to include school buses, during the lunch period whether on or off campus, during or while going to or coming from all school-sponsored events/activities, including field trips, sporting events, stadium assemblies, and evening school-related activities is a violation of this policy (DODEA Regulation 2051.1,Enc 2, A-E).