School’s in session at USAFE University

Tech. Sgt. Mona Ferrell
U.S. Air Forces in Europe

***image1***U.S. Air Forces in Europe members attending formal training and education courses will now do so under a new umbrella program instituted recently within the command.
The charter signing of USAFE University here April 16 is another step in ensuring the educational opportunities and programs offered to members within the command are of the highest quality, said Richard Power, USAFE University senior advisor to the commander.
“The prime directive of USAFE U is to analytically focus on what we’re doing in the USAFE education and training arena,” Mr. Power said.
“The program will generate career development learning experiences available at times and locations that meet Airmen’s needs, enhance fulfillment of the command’s combat program objectives and facilitate accomplishment of USAFE’s mission.
It brings to light a vision, which when instituted, will benefit each individual member of USAFE and provide enhancement to our overall mission.”
The university conceived and put into motion by Gen. Robert H. “Doc” Foglesong, USAFE commander, will provide an umbrella for more than 600 educational courses and programs available to members within the command. More may be added as the university continues to grow.
“The most fundamental service we provide to our Airmen and to our officers is the opportunity to improve themselves professionally and personally,” said General Foglesong. “USAFE University offers the opportunity to pull together the focus and needs of a great number of areas – from civil engineering, medical corps, officer corps to advanced education – and gives us what we need to provide those opportunities which are the foundations of our success.”
Just like any other institution of higher learning, the university will be presided by a president (USAFE commander) and board of trustees, said Mr. Power.
The appointed trustees will advise the president on issues pertaining to the command’s education and training programs.
“The university construct will provide the president and board of trustees an overall assessment on USAFE training and education programs to include: examining the effectiveness of individual training programs; provide a baseline training program for the instructor or facilitator force and ensure the university resources are being equitability distributed,” he said.
And this new construct is something to be excited about, said General Foglesong.
“With USAFE University, we embark upon a thorough review of all that we do in USAFE education and training,” he said.
“It marks in time the development of a unique entity whose charter, mission, philosophy and vision set it apart from any previous endeavor of this nature.
Our in-depth analysis and improvement of current programs, along with the creation of new programs, will enhance the professional development of an outstanding core of officer, NCO and civilian leaders,” he continued.
“Through USAFE University, we seek to ensure that we continue to develop future leaders, managers and supervisors with the knowledge, skills, experiences and abilities necessary to meet both today’s and tomorrow’s challenges.”