Science in Kindergarten at LES

At Landstuhl Elementary School, the kiddos worked hard studying penguins. They also learned about light. The kids used light to make shadow drawings, finding items in the dark room, and discovering what items are translucent. The children were also able to enjoy the snow!

The Kockx Kinder class is enjoying their new snowman friend.
Claire Stolzoff, Treasure Anyormi, Carlee Portillo, and Jayce Collins playing with the snowball.
Austin Wharmby showing his penguin life cycle.
Calvin Shanks and Louisa Gausepohl wrote about how blubber works with Jayce Collins and Austin Wharmby.
Louisa Gausepohl, Carlee Portillo, and Cayden Fitts wrote about the steps it takes to make hot chocolate.
Louise Gausepohl and Dominic Lienhop making drawings using light and shadows.
Treasure Anyormi and Calvin Shanks Jr. discover hiding items in the dark room.
Camila Whitton discovering which items are translucent.
(Left) Calvin Shanks and Louisa Gausepohl discovering how blubber works and how it keeps us warm.