SECAF urges every Airman to be a communicator

Michael W. Wynne
Secretary of the Air Force

Because of our Airmen, the United States Air Force is the best air and
space force in the world and we’re gaining leadership in cyberspace.
Yet many citizens do not fully realize what you do and the sacrifices
you make every day. Because you do your job so well, most Americans
simply don’t think about the Air Force’s contribution to the Global War
on Terror – to include the efforts of those of you serving on the
ground in Iraq and Afghanistan.

To get this message out, we’ve embarked on an enhanced Strategic
Communication program. Our Strategic Communication efforts will build
better relationships with key audiences and the support that is
critical to operational success, force modernization, and the
development of our most precious resource: Airmen.

Our major enhancement is you. The success of this effort will rely on
making every Airman an ambassador for our Air Force, at home and
abroad. Your stories resonate the most with local newspapers, schools,
and rotary clubs. The American public looks up to you as a model of
integrity, and by sharing your experiences you are the best spokesmen
for our Air Force.

This responsibility means that Airmen must understand air, space and
cyberspace power and how the Air Force contributes to the Nation’s
defense. To assist you, we will soon distribute “The Air Force Story,”
which will provide you with information to discuss with family,
friends, and the public.

Those Airmen who have deployed should have an “Airman’s Card,”
available from your commander or Public Affairs office. This card will
help guide your communication efforts. It reminds you that when telling
your story, “You represent the Air Force, its values, and its image. Be
honest, candid, and stay within your area of expertise.”

The new Air Force advertising campaign, “Do Something Amazing,”
harnesses the power of your individual story. These television and
Internet videos feature our outstanding Airmen describing the
contributions they make every day to our nation’s defense. One person’s
story carries the hopes and dreams of a new generation of Airmen and
confirms the public’s belief that we serve on their behalf.

I encourage you to show your pride and share both your personal story
and the Air Force story with others. Your active involvement in this
communications strategy will help the public better understand their
Air Force and the contribution we make to the Nation’s security every

You are the finest Airmen the world has ever seen. Be proud of
yourself, your Air Force, and your heritage. Our Air Force is counting
on you to communicate your story like no one else can.