Secrets uncovered at Auto Recycling Center – Members save by using facility

Betsy Allen
435th Services Squadron

***image1***KMC members learn to recycle just about everything while living in Germany – even their autos, and the Automotive Recycling Center plays a big part. This state-of-the-art center, located outside Ramstein’s east gate, offers KMC members ways to save money on car purchases, parts and more.
The Auto Recycling Center is “Ramstein’s best kept secret,” said Eddie Forest, Auto Recycling Center manager, “and it is open to all U.S. ID card holders.”
For those who want to recycle a car before relocating, buy a car at the monthly auto auction, purchase inexpensive used car parts or need a tow, the Auto Recycling Center can help.
The fee for recycling your car is low compared to the cost of a fine for abandoning a car. And all money from fees goes back into KMC programs.
“The Auto Recycling Center offers the most modern facility in the area,” said Mr. Forest. The contemporary equipment removes all automotive fluid right from the car and into hazardous waste containers housed in the adjoining building to abide by new environmental laws. The anti-freeze is even recycled and sold.
A mechanic checks every car turned over to the center, and some cars are not recycled but placed in the monthly auto auction. “Some people run out of time before relocating; either they can’t sell their car or even give it away so it is recycled here. Many of these are still good automobiles,” said Mr. Forest.
Some auction vehicles need only minor work. For the price, you will probably still come out ahead. Turn in sealed bids the 1st to 15th of every month, and the opening bid is as low as $350. If you are new to Germany, the automotive recycling center offers a good starting point in a car search. Top bidders after day 15 have first choice to buy the car, but are not obligated to purchase the vehicle.
The center also provides inexpensive used car parts. Batteries, alternators or engines, can be found for “a fraction of the cost on the economy,” said Mr. Forest.
The recycling center also maintains a database of about 20,000 autos, so customers know if finding the part for your vehicle is likely. When searching for a used part, call ahead and the staff will research available cars that fit your need. “The automotive recycling center offers a trouble-free way of purchasing or repairing autos,” said Mr. Forest.
People can use the center’s loaner tools for part removal or pay the staff to have large parts removed for you.
“This is the best place to learn how to fix cars because of the hands-on experience,” said D.W. Curtis, Auto Recycling Center foreman. Large auto parts can also be delivered for a small fee anywhere in the local area.
Not in the market for parts? Don’t forget the Auto Recycling Center if your car breaks down. They can tow your vehicle anywhere in the KMC for one preset fee. This is the only non-German towing service in the area. The towing staff does stay busy, so call ahead if it is a planned tow. The center plans to buy an additional tow truck in the near future.
Hours for the Automotive Recycling Center are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Mondays through Saturdays and 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. Sundays and holidays. For more information, stop by the Auto Recycling Center or call 480-5827.