Section of Berlin Wall moves to Ramstein

1st Lt. Tracy Giles
435th Air Base Wing Public Affairs

***image1***A large piece of symbolic history, weighing more than 5,000 pounds, moved from Rhein-Main Air Base to Ramstein Feb. 18.
A 4.5-foot wide section of the 1-foot thick, solid concrete Berlin Wall, standing more than 12-feet high, was transported by Senior Airman Lucas Arceneaux, vehicle operator from the 435th Logistics Readiness Squadron.
Airman Arceneaux said he was thrilled to have the opportunity when he realized the significance of the cargo he was being asked to haul. The regular taskings and transportation of people and cargo for mission purposes are always important, but he said he knew that this assignment was extra special and different from the norm.
“Being able to transport a piece of the Berlin Wall was exciting,” said Airman Arceneaux, who moved the wall on a 40-foot flatbed trailer. “I was really looking forward to it, and it gave me such a good feeling to be involved in moving something with so much historical value.”
According to Master Sgt. Frederick Smith, 435th Air Base Wing historian, the wall will remain in a 435th LRS storage facility until Ramstein’s Passenger Terminal design committee decides on where to put it up for display. He said they are currently considering the possibility of placing it within the terminal or in front of the courtyard at the future planned construction of the KMC center.
In the meantime, said Sergeant Smith, there are three wall sections in the side court yard of Ramstein’s Officers’ Club already on display for those who would like to see it.
The sergeant said the Berlin Wall once stood as a barrier between West Berlin and East Germany for more than 28 years from 1961 to 1989, but today it has been reduced to a pile of rubble except for large sections still standing as memorials in Berlin. Political change forced the wall open and there are broken pieces displayed around the world to symbolize the strength of mankind’s desire for freedom over oppression. More history details may be found at