Security forces urge motorists to slow down at Ramstein gates

Courtesy of USAFE HQ

Drivers heading to Ramstein may want to think a bit more carefully about their need for speed. In the past few months, Ramstein security forces have issued hundreds of tickets to motorists for driving in excess of posted speed limits while approaching and exiting Ramstein’s main gates.

The lower speed zones around the gates are set for the safety of security forces personnel and security of the base. For both the west and east gates, the posted speed limits do not change immediately upon crossing the base boundaries.

Security forces have ticketed many drivers, including servicemembers, civilians, and family members, in the zones outside the base boundaries to where the speed limits increase. In these cases, many offenders claimed their excess speed was reactionary: they did not want to be further behind traffic traveling in the same direction. According to security forces, that mentality needs to change immediately.

Driving in excess of posted speed limits can result in a loss of driving privileges and points on your USAREUR license. First offenders detected speeding between 20 kph and 29 kph over posted limits will lose their on-base driving privilege for seven days. Driving 30 kph or more over posted speed limits results in a 14-day suspension for first offenders.

Subsequent violations during a 12-month period result in progressively longer suspensions per offense, and will also result in loss of off-base driving privileges upon a USAREUR-licensed driver’s third offense, and up to one year for the fourth offense.

All speeding offenses, even below 20 kph over the posted limit, result in traffic points assessed to offenders.   

Drivers should obey posted speed limits at all times, not just near the main gates. Doing so helps keep Ramstein safe and secure.