Self-Help Center supports Combat Proud

Airman Edward Drescher
Kaiserslautern American

***image1***The Self-Help Center on Ramstein gives authorized personnel the ability to fix minor problems and do some remodeling around the office.

The Self-Help Center provides anything from paintbrushes to power tools for authorized personnel such as: squadron commanders, first sergeants, dormitory managers and building custodians.

“We have the right tools, for the right job,” said Master Sgt. Brian Todd, NCOIC and tool custodian of the store.

With all the construction in the KMC right now, it could take two to five years to get a big job done through a contractor, said Sergeant Todd. Through the Self-Help Center only an AF Form 332 is needed, and it should take no longer than a week to get approved.
“You can get the work done the quickest way possible through your own efforts,” said Holger Graf, who has been store manager for six years.

In addition to helping for maintenance and construction around the office, 75 percent of the self-help center’s business contributes to Combat Proud, which has two phases, exterior and interior.

“We have always supported interior issues such as wood paneling, wooden laminate floors and carpet tiles. The big push is to get it all to look the same; that’s where we come in,” said Sergeant Todd.

The Self-Help Center averages around 350 customers per month and supports more than 1,760 facilities in the KMC. It has also played a role in some major construction projects around base.
Special rubber gym floor tiles were installed in the Ramstein Northside Fitness Center cardio room, and the 435th Communications Squadron built a network training university for computer training in Bldg. 2126 through the Self-Help Center.

The self-help center is funded through the 435th Air Base Wing and had a budget of one million dollars last year. The center obtains its materials from various local vendors.

In the spring special-ordered flowers and other land and gardening tools are available for base beautification.

“The self-help center is a one-stop shop; you provide the labor, and we provide the materials and the technology,” said Mr. Graf.
The center also supplies training videos and their employee’s expertise to help complete projects. For more information about the Self-Help Center, call 480-5034.