Skiers, boarders advised to be safe on the slopes

As a long weekend approaches, KMC skiers and snowboarders will likely be hitting the slopes.
In recent weeks, the safety office has recorded a vast increase in ski and snowboarding related accidents. Some of the mishaps resulted in lost time cases involving two fractured wrists and two fractured collar bones in four separate incidents.

Some of the injured skiers and snowboarders found themselves hospitalized in far-away medical centers, which can be expensive and burdensome.

A few simple safety precautions could help skiers and snowboarders to be safe on their next trip, safety officials said.

“Skiing in the Alps is a once in a lifetime opportunity and we encourage everyone in the KMC to take advantage of the opportunity, however, we want them to be safe in doing so,” said Master Sgt. Michael Semon, 435th Air Base Wing ground safety manager.

***image1:top***›Wear all personal protective equipment, including a helmet, gloves, goggles and sunscreen. Consider additional padding for knees and elbows.

›When falling, consider a “tuck and roll” instead of trying to break your fall with your wrists or knees.

›Ensure bindings are adjusted professionally to ensure they break away at the right impact.

›Wear clothing that protects you from the cold elements, but that does not cause you to sweat profusely, including coats that allow ventilation as opposed to cottons and wools that restrict ventilation.

›Ski runs that best suit your ability. Swallow the ego and ski smart.

›Do not drink alcohol while skiing or snowboarding. Not only does alcohol inflate courage, it also accelerates fatigue and dehydration without you even knowing.

›When you are tired, stop. Fatigue enhances the chances of you having a major ski or snow boarding accident.

“Have fun, ski smart, arrive safe,” Master Sgt. Semon said.
(Courtesy of the 435th Air Base Wing Ground Safety Office)