Smart OPS 21 charges into USAFE

1st Lt. S.K. Nielsen
USAFE Public Affairs

Is there a better way to do something or get something done in the Air Force? Air Force Smart Operations for the 21st century is an initiative to improve processes that contribute to our ability to employ air, space and cyberspace power in support of our combatant commanders and eliminate activities, actions and policies that do not support our core competencies.

“Everything we do is process work. We need to eliminate as much non-value added work within these processes as possible, at both the functional level and across the entire enterprise.  Successfully implementing and sustaining AFSO 21 will be the keys to improving service, reducing costs and enriching the lives of our Airmen,” said Col. Theodore Eaton, U.S. Air Forces in Europe deputy director of logistics.

Across USAFE, organizations are looking at the way they perform operations and looking for ways to improve them. Everything from consolidated telephone operations, help desk operations, and even improving C-130 engine propeller repair cycle time are just some of the changes already showing improvements in USAFE.

“Institutionalizing process improvement as part of our operating style will allow the Air Force to meet the enormous challenges we face over the next decade and ultimately help modernize and sustain the world’s best air and space force,” said Col. Eaton.

AFSO 21 will create a fundamental cultural change where all Airmen understand their individual role in improving our daily processes and contribute to the Air Force mission, and where all senior leaders and commanders understand their role in removing barriers for their Airmen that inhibit improved mission effectiveness and efficiencies.

“We want Airmen to be fully aware of the importance of their work and how it contributes to the mission; Airmen must look to improve what they do every day. We want Airmen to see their role in a fundamentally different way: by focusing on increasing value and eliminating waste,” said Steve Jewett, USAFE AFSO 21 cell leader.