Some Airmen can carry over ‘use or lose’ leave

Airmen who were recalled from or unable to take annual leave this past year for reasons such as support for contingency operations may be allowed to accumulate more than the normal 60 days after the fiscal year ends.
Special leave accrual carry-over also applies to Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard members who performed full-time training or other full-time duties for 30 days or more.
Airmen who lost leave may carry over the following leave amounts:

• Up to 120 days for Airmen deployed or assigned to hostile fire/imminent danger pay areas
• Up to 120 days for Airmen impacted by significant and unforeseen operational mission requirements as a result of Hurricane Katrina
• Up to 90 days for Airmen who deployed or were assigned to other than hostile fire/imminent danger locations
Additionally, Airmen who lost leave as a consequence of assignments in support of contingency operations as of Sept. 30, 2006 are authorized restoration of the leave they lost.
“The purpose of SLA is to prevent Airmen from losing accrued leave if they’re unable to take normal leave due to significant and unforeseen operational requirements,” said Master Sgt. Deitra Mathis, superintendent of current operations customer support at the Air Force Personnel Center.  “Airmen who find themselves in use or lose status must use their leave before taking advantage of post-deployment recovery time. Use of recovery time is not a valid reason for reinstatement of lost leave when accrued leave could have been taken in its place.”
Those Airmen who meet the criteria for having excess leave should contact the 435th Military Personnel Flight customer service element for additional guidance, such as eligibility to carry over leave beyond the following fiscal year. (Courtesy of the 435th Mission Support Squadron)