Some personnel services become Web-only Monday

Starting Monday, Airmen will no longer have to stand in line to accomplish a personnel records review or several other common tasks.
In fact, confident from successes with last year’s move of the Record of Emergency Data to the web, officials have decided to make six different personnel services available only on the Web. Military Personnel Flights will point customers toward the Internet if they want to:
• Apply for a change to an assignment or change a Report Not Later Than Date
• Apply for a curtailment of Date Eligible for Return From Overseas
• Accomplish a Humanitarian or Exceptional Family Member program application
• Request for a ‘proof of service’ letter, often needed for home loans
• Review their records, especially when facing promotion actions
• Make simple updates to common information like home address, home telephone number, religious preference, race, ethnic group, foreign language self-assessment, duty e-mail address and personal e-mail address.
The Air Force’s top Force Development officer says the changes indicate the maturing of the vMPF concept and realities of how busy Airmen are now while fighting the war on terror.
“Why ask Airmen to leave their work site, drive across the base and wait in line at the MPF when they can accomplish the same thing online — it’s easier for everyone.” said Maj. Gen. Thomas O’Riordan, commander of the Air Force Personnel Center. “The vMPF has proven itself as a viable force multiplier — it’s time we step up and take advantage of this technology.”
The director of operations for the personnel center said this is part of an evolution in the way personnel services will be delivered to Airmen in the future.
“We’ve been headed in this direction for a long while,” said Col. Dale Hess. “Our Air Force Contact Center has positioned itself to pick up some of the services by phone or online that people used to have to stand in line for and we’re aggressively upgrading our online capabilities.”
Questions can be answered for people transacting these services 24 hours a day online or call toll-free call to the Air Force Contact Center at Randolph Air Force Base at (800) 616-3775. (Courtesy of Air Force Personnel Center)