Something new in the AAFES school lunches

Students will see changes to the school lunch menu and à la carte lines this year. Many of these changes are based on comments received from student customers and parents. Others are to bring the school meal program into compliance with the Child Nutrition and WIC Reauthorization Act of 2004. The program encompasses the school meal program, and all food available on campus including vending, fundraising, school stores and classrooms.

Students will still get some of their favorite items; however, some old standbys are replaced with new, lower fat, whole grain varieties. Other changes include more variety, more whole grains, fewer desserts, “right sized” portions, and the elimination of sugary beverages.

On the à la carte line, some of the specific changes include:

• Pizza on whole wheat crust: approximately half the size as previously sold. Price has been adjusted downward accordingly.
• French fries will be baked  instead of deep-fried. Cheese sauce and chili toppings will still be available.
• All high fat content chips will no longer be available; instead they have been replaced with 1.5 ounces of baked chips.
• A variety of juices, Gatorade and bottled water will be sold.
Also new are vegetables and side dishes, including pork and vegetable eggrolls, chicken drummies, chicken/cheese quesadilla, BBQ pork riblets, cheese/pepperoni pizza on whole wheat crust, chicken parmesan, shredded turkey and gravy, whole grain chicken corn dog and tuna melt.