Source of Strength: Chaplain defines

Capt. Jennifer Lovett
Kaiserslautern American

Equating Sampson to Rambo, Chaplain (Brig. Gen.) Cecil Richardson, deputy chief of chaplains for the Air Force, opened the National Prayer Breakfast Feb. 10 with more than 500 people in attendance.
The chaplain was the speaker for the breakfast that originated with President Dwight Eisenhower in 1953.

***image1***Beginning with an anecdote about the Old Testament character, Sampson, Chaplain Richardson drove home the point about inner strength.

“Sampson was an Army of One − Rambo, the Terminator and the Eliminator all in one,” he said.  “But step-by-step, Sampson compromised all his values until he realized the source of his strength was with God not with his muscles.

“So what is the source of your strength?
“If it’s money, looks, education or something similar, the (Inspector General) will give you an Unsat.”

The chaplain continued his speech describing his childhood as a migrant worker at age 10, growing up in poverty and to a life of crime before he found the church.

“I was at Goodfellow trying to meet girls,” he said.  “I tried bars and parties, so I figured the next best thing was church.  And because I thought there was a cover charge, I entered through the side door so I wouldn’t have to pay.”

His consistent message was delivered through his stories.
“Don’t do anything until you hear from God.  Don’t change jobs, get a divorce, drop out of school,” he said.  “Your personal Katrina is coming and you can turn inward, outward or upward.”

Airmen from all over the KMC were in attendance.
“I was inspired by his childhood stories,” said Airman 1st Class Michael Dressman, 86th Maintenance Squadron.

“He kept me listening through the whole speech,” said Airman 1st Class Daniel Jose, 86th MXS.  “His message was pretty clear − He’s always there.”