Southside Gym gets keyless entry

Tim Cline
435th Services Squadron

The Southside Fitness Center Annex, also referred to the “Old” Southside Fitness Center, will become “keyless” Monday. 

Electronic keypad and surveillance cameras were installed in the Southside Fitness last year in preparation of transferring the facility to 24-hour electronic access, allowing the 435th Services Squadron to meet the fitness needs of Ramstein personnel.

The facility will be accessible through unit Physical Training Leaders, who will receive training in first aid, CPR, automated external defibrillator operation, exercise instruction, fitness testing and the rules of the keyless entry facility.

Units will be able to enter the building and participate in exercise sessions under their PTL’s strict supervision. Individual workouts are to be accomplished at the Northside or Southside Fitness Centers.

To maintain security and safety, cameras are located throughout the facility and the phones and AED’s/first aid kits will remain.

The Southside Fitness Center Annex offers selectorized machine and free weight resistance training rooms, cardio room, locker rooms, and multipurpose courts that are available for reservation at the Southside Fitness Center.

For more information concerning the Southside Fitness Center Annex contact the fitness center staff at 480-0295.