Southside gym parent/child room

***image1***I am a frequent patron of the Southside Fitness Center and was recently
informed of a policy with the parent/child room. From what I understand
no one else other than parents that bring their children to the gym can
utilize this room.

I understand that this room has been created with wing funds and that
it should be primarily used by parents and their children, however I do
not understand why it has to be locked down to only them.

There are many times that I have been in the gym and the downstairs
cardio room has been either full or the machines that I want to use are
full with other patrons and the parent/child room has been either
completely empty or being used by patrons that don’t have children in
the room with them.

Now I’m not saying that the room is hardly in use, it’s just during the
hours that I utilize the facility there are hardly any parents there
with their children.

Is there a way that we can open this room to patrons that didn’t bring or don’t have children while the room is not in full use?
We agree that although this room was designed as a “Children’s Play Area” it was not being fully utilized at all times.  

With this in mind, the policy was changed to allow any patron (even
without a child) to use this area on a space available basis.  

Please remember, however, parents with children still have priority for equipment use.  Thank you for your question.