Space-A policy allows travel for families of deployed

Capt. Heather Healy
3rd Air Force Public Affairs

An exception to policy for Space-A travel makes traveling easier for family members of U.S. European Command servicemembers who are serving a deployment scheduled for more than 120 days.
The exception allows family members to upgrade from Category V travel to Category III travel for one round trip without their sponsor.
“They don’t have to compete with Category V travelers who are command sponsored,” said Cindy Rothenbach, Air Mobility Command’s Patriot Express program manager. “It allows them to move up to Category III, which is the same as active duty member on leave.”
This applies to Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps family members who are stationed along with their sponsors within the EUCOM area of responsibility.
Family members can use Space-A travel only for travel plans that keep them within the EUCOM area of responsibility or take them to or from the continental United States and EUCOM AOR.
According to Lt. Col. Chris Pike, European Command Logistics and Security Assistance Directorate, this is not a new policy, but one that was put into effect back in 1998 when Gen. Wesley Clark was the EUCOM commander.
“The point of this policy is that we can do something for people who are separated from their spouses for an extended period of time,” said Lieutenant Colonel Pike. “If they need family support they can get a one-time trip back to the United States or within the EUCOM AOR to visit their extended families.”
This exception to policy also applies to family members whose military sponsor is on a 90-day deployment that is extended to 120 days.
In each case, the sponsor’s unit commander or rear detachment commander provides the authorization memorandum for the family members who plan to take advantage of this special opportunity.
The memorandum must include the sponsor’s name, social security number, date assigned to unit, name of deployment and effective date of employment.
The memorandum must also include a signed and dated statement from the travelers indicating they understand this exception to policy is only available once during their sponsor’s 120-day deployment.
Family members should carry a copy of the memorandum on them while traveling and present the memorandum when signing up for the Space-A travel.