Speed limit in select housing areas raised to 30kph

Staff report
86th Airlift Wing Public Affairs

Select areas of the Ramstein and Vogelweh housing areas will start to have the speed limit raised to 30 kph today due to recommendations from a base-wide traffic study.

Drivers must continue to obey all posted speed limits during the change since not all signs will be replaced at once. The change is consistent with standards in the local community, which eliminates conflicting procedures between off-base and on-base traffic controls.

Although most 20 kph limits will be removed, others will remain in place in areas where the conflict between pedestrians and vehicles is high.

“In the interest of pedestrian safety, the speed limits in these regions, primarily school and child day care zones, will remain 20 kph,” said Lt. Col. Paul Silas, 86th Civil Engineer Squadron commander. “Regardless of the higher speed limit, drivers are expected to act responsible and remain vigilant for pedestrians and should always be prepared to stop suddenly to avoid an accident.”

The new speeds in miles per hour are 12 1/2 mph in school areas and 18 1/2 mph in housing areas. The speeds are similar to posted speed limits in school and residential areas in the states.

“Security Forces members will continue to enforce traffic codes, including the adjusted speed limits, as we always have,” said Capt. David Ratte, 86th Security Forces Squadron operations officer. “Our dedication to ensuring full compliance with safety precautions and laws is to guarantee a secure environment for the entire Ramstein community and visitors passing through.”

The installation traffic code is reviewed annually and updated as required based on decisions from the Traffic Safety Coordination Group.

“We ask for everyone’s continued assistance in adhering to posted speed limits and traffic-flow patterns,” Ratte said. “To further protect pedestrians and children in the housing areas, we have begun implementing speed cameras throughout the base, similar to those used on German roads and highways.”