Spring cleanup takes place Monday, Tuesday

First impressions leave a lasting mark, and a picture is worth a thousand words. The pride we show in how we take care of our work and living spaces creates an immediate and lasting impression. This month, let’s set aside a few hours to ensure the unspoken messages are the ones we intend to send.

Designating time specifically for the upkeep of facilities and the surrounding area improves the working and living environments. This is why the 86th Airlift Wing, in coordination with U.S. Army Garrison Kaiserslautern, is coordinating a spring cleanup event for Monday and Tuesday and is encouraging residents of military family housing and dormitories, along with all facility managers and users, to participate.

Monday — Where We Live: Monday will focus on cleaning common areas around military family housing and dorms. Objectives include weeding, trimming, raking, bagging, cleaning and trash removal from all common or public areas.

“This is the time for you to attend to your communities, focusing on common areas like playgrounds, walkways, running trails, wooded areas and areas around the underground trash containers,” said Karen Leonard, 86th Civil Engineer Squadron Housing Flight chief. “This is a great opportunity to team with your neighbors to foster community pride in the areas where you and your families live and play.”
Biodegradable bags for tree and bush trimmings are available from the Housing U-Fix-It stores. The Ramstein U-Fix-It Store is in Bldg. 859. The Vogelweh U-Fix-It Store is in Bldg. 1139.   

Tuesday — Where We Work: Tuesday is for cleaning of administrative and industrial facilities, grounds, and common areas across the KMC by facility managers and building occupants.

Objectives include litter collecting, weed pulling, trimming overgrown shrubs, tidying plant beds, removing tree limbs and pine cones, and raking and bagging leaves. Interior suggestions include cleaning stairwells, entries and carpets, cleaning out storage rooms, purging old files, washing windows, and perhaps even doing some minor touch-up painting. Remember that the area of responsibility extends 100 feet in all directions from buildings and includes nearby parking lots and sidewalks.

The 786th Civil Engineer Squadron (call 0631-536-6623/7703/7107 or 489-6623/7703/7107) will pick up tree limbs, bagged leaves and weeds at curbside for later composting. Cleanup participants should separate tree branches and shrubs into two piles at curbside — one for small wood stems up to 4 inches in diameter, and another for larger material. Place weeds and leaves in bio-degradable bags at curbside for pickup, but well away from dumpsters. Non bio-degradable items should be bagged and disposed of in garbage dumpsters.

Items like batteries, glass, bulk paper and metal should be taken to the nearest recycling center (on Ramstein in Bldg. 5146 and on Kapaun in Bldg. 2820).
The KMC Self-Help Store (Bldg. 510, call 06371-47-5034 or 480-5034) has a “variety of equipment, tools and materials available to assist in this cleanup,” said Holger Graf, KMC Self-Help Store manager. “We can provide grass seed for bare lawn areas and we also have bio-degradable bags for your weeds and leaves. Facility managers may check out many types of hand and power tools, weed eaters, hedge trimmers, power washers, rakes, shovels, etc. that can help facility managers get this work done.” 

Many hands make quick work — if we all do our little piece, this clean-up will be done quickly, and the results will be something we can all enjoy.

(Courtesy of the 86th Civil Engineer Group)