Staind inspires troops at Baumholder

Cynthia Susanne
AFN Kaiserslautern

You don’t see this every day: one of the hottest bands around, on a world tour, stops by Baumholder to inspire U.S. troops and families with a free concert. But that was exactly what happened when Staind showed up last Friday.

***image2***Ordinarily, bands and celebrities stop by, sign a few autographs and take some pictures with military members. Not this time. The night was electric and the audience was crackling with energy.

Staind played an amazing concert, proving yet again that their music is powerful and connects with people in many ways.

After the show, concert-goers got autographs and photos taken with the band.  The band members were united in their feelings of gratitude for
their audience.  

“It was an honor to perform for these folks − those in uniform or the families,” said Aaron Lewis, Staind lead singer. “It was the very least we could do.”

Lewis and the band were visibly moved several times during the show.  At one point, Lewis asked the crowd to take a moment to appreciate deployed military members.

***image1***The band, which rarely performs encores, also unleashed a roof-raising finale.

Special recognition should be extended to Jonathan Watson, Baumholder MWR special events coordinator, who leaped at the chance to book the band.  

When told Staind would be willing to add a show during their world tour, Watson said, “We want them, no question.”

When it all finally came together and Staind took the stage, a small military town and the hearts of the audience were lit up bigger than any sold-out stadium crowd.