Stay safe at New Year’s celebrations

Terri Gareis
USAGK Employee Assistance Coordinator

The New Year is quickly approaching and we all will remember the experiences we had in 2006.  Some will trigger pleasant memories, others perhaps not.  

Remember to approach 2007 in a positive manner by not being charged with a driving under the influence, driving while intoxicated, operating under the influence of intoxicants or operating under the influence of liquor.

The legal blood alcohol level in Germany is .05. In the U.S., every state has its own laws and consequences for driving under the influence, driving while intoxicated or operating under the influence of banned substances. The bottom line is do not drink and drive.

The National Drunk and Drugged Driving Prevention Campaign is this month. It encourages people to plan wisely when attending New Year’s parties and to watch out for their friends. In so doing, consider the following safety tips:

(1)  For a close friend, use a soft, calm approach at first. Suggest to them that they’ve had too much to drink and it would be better if someone else drove or if they took a cab.

(2) If it is somebody you don’t know well, speak to their friends and have them make an attempt to persuade them to hand over the keys. Usually they will listen.

(3) Locate their keys while they are preoccupied and take them away. Most likely, they will think they’ve lost them and will be forced to find another mode of transportation.

Have a safe holiday and a Happy New Year. Remember, friends don’t let friends drive drunk.