Stay Safe at Ramstein Skate Park

***image1***The 435th Services Squadron Outdoor Recreation team has the community lead in ensuring that skaters have a safe and fun skating environment. The ODR staff is responsible for opening and closing the Ramstein Skate Park, as well as making periodic checks of the park ensuring that rules are enforced and inspections of the ramps and obstacles are made. However, because the park is open to all members of the community, skate park users as well as parents are relied on to help enforce the rules. An added bonus to relying on members of the community for self-enforcement of the Skate Park rules means that no user fees are charged.  

As with any sporting activity, there is always a risk. Wearing appropriate safety gear and not skating beyond one’s skill level drastically reduces the risk of injuries. Parents should monitor their children while at the park and ensure that the proper gear is worn. Also, monitor the skill level of the child and put certain ramps and obstacles off limits until the child’s skill level improves.   

Skaters wishing to use the skate park must register at Ramstein Outdoor Recreation, the Community Center or the Youth Center. Skaters will read and sign the registration form that acknowledges the rules of the park.  In addition, all skaters under age 18 must have a parent read and sign the registration form. Skaters are charged a one time processing fee and will receive one ID sticker that must be attached to their helmet. Replacement stickers will be available for $5.

Call Ramstein Outdoor Recreation at 480-5705, the Ramstein Community Center at 480-6600 or Ramstein Youth Programs at 480-6444 for details.
(Courtesy of 435th Services Squadron)