STEM Night at Landstuhl Elementary Middle School

On STEM Night, Gabriele Arseneault (right) and Crystal Fitts (left) PTSA President, show no fear handling the hissing Madagascar cockroach.

Landstuhl Elementary Middle School recently hosted STEM Night, a free event that allowed visitors to see student projects within the realms of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics.

At the slime station during STEM Night, Lily Dingmann and Hailee Angle do their very important work as scientists with rubber gloves and protection glasses.

In the first week of March students who attended the event got a chance to learn by using hands-on techniques at each station. Public Health Command attended with its entomologist (the hissing Madagascar Cockroach), and children really enjoyed learning and handling the roaches. The USO served pizza and drinks. Teacher Ms. Verdi talked about animals and their habitats. The LRMC Lab attendants presented the basics of blood chemistry. There were many activities to include a station that used boxes to build structures, a recycle make-it station where children used clean recyclables to build robots, a toothpick/marshmallow building station, an audiologist station, a slime station, and much more. With about 200 people in attendance, it was a complete hit with many smiles and much laughing throughout the evening.



During STEM Night, Timothy Brown looks excited about learning how to hold the hissing Madagascar cockroach.
On STEM Night, Lily Dingmann has fun at the Marshmallow Challenge activity.



On STEM Night, several LEMS students absorb themselves in creating toothpick/marshmallow structures.