Stop potential tragedy in its hot tracks

Submitted by 435th Civil Engineer Squadron

Did you know the majority of family members that die in home fires died from smoke exposure while they slept?

Smoke travels quickly and silently through your home, and overcomes family members before they can awake and attempt to escape. Home fires double in size every second, and rise to temperatures exceeding 1,200 degrees in a matter of minutes eliminating escape routes as the fire grows.

With the help of your homes smoke detection you can gain precious seconds to protect your family. It is a key strategy to reduce residential fire deaths. Fire detection and alarm systems are designed to rapidly detect unwanted fires and to notify occupants allowing adequate time for escape. Smoke alarms detect fire through the early detection of smoke which moves rapidly through a home and is responsible for the majority of deaths related to fire.
On-base smoke alarms are normally hardwired on your home’s electrical current, and off-base detectors are commonly battery operated. Smoke alarms should be installed on every level of your home to include basements and should be located outside every separate sleeping room.  The interconnection of smoke alarms means that every alarm sounds regardless of fire’s location, allowing additional seconds for occupants to evacuate their home. New on-base townhouse units do not call or send an alarm to the fire department, calling emergency services is the first thing residents should do once everyone is out safely.