Student Spotlight

by Suzanne Smith
Ramstein High School

These days, recognition of high school students hardly ever goes beyond the titles of
valedictorian and class clown, but at Ramstein High School, there are plenty of stellar students who deserve appreciation.

RHS senior Chrystine Thomas is one such student who is setting an example with her outstanding performance in performing arts.
Chrystine has been interested in performing arts for several years, starting out with drama and dance in middle school. This outgoing 17-year-old has a true passion for

“I like everything about it … from dressing up in costumes, people coming up to you after to tell you how great you are, to even the not-so-fun things like learning lines and going to late rehearsals,” she said. “There’s not anything I don’t like about it.”
Chrystine said she plans to study the art at her dream university.

“I applied to the University of Texas at Austin, but wherever I go I’m going to transfer to NYU because that’s where my hero Idina Menzel went,” Chrystine said.
This bubbly student plans to make a career out of her passion.
“If I’m not acting, then I want to be a dance teacher, director … I just want to stay in the theater because it really is the best,” Chrystine said.

This drama enthusiast encourages students to get involved in performance activities.
“Not only does it help you make friends, but the kind of people you meet are interested in what you are interested in. It’s not such a serious setting,” she said. “You can have fun and get to know people at the same time, and then you have something to be proud of when you put on a great show together.”
Currently the student director and choreographer for Ramstein High School’s
spring production of “Beauty and the Beast,” Chrystine is excited about the upcoming show.

“This is the best show we’ve had in years. It has big musical numbers, lots of dancing, lots of talented kids and newcomers who have blown us away with their talent. It’s especially great for kids, and it’s very much a family show,” she said.
With her passion for the performing arts and dedication and hard work going into putting on the best show possible, Chrystine clearly deserves her moment in the spotlight.