Students can benefit from Career Practicum course

by Katie Bell
Ramstein High School

Recently in the KMC there has been a flood of teenagers invading job sites during school hours. Job sites may be found overrun with upperclassmen from both the Ramstein and Kaiserslautern high schools.

Before you notify their parents that they’re skipping class, let me explain. These students are participants in a course called Career Practicum, where they learn about acquiring a job in the “real world.”

In this class, students have to create a resume, attend a Dress for Success seminar and experience a job interview.

After they’ve gathered references and learned about tying a tie and the art of a good pair of panty hose, these young adults are ready to be interrogated by an eager team of volunteer interviewers. During the interview, these students are faced with questions about themselves, their plans for the future, and where they see themselves 10 years down the road. After they’ve completed these steps, they apply for an internship in their field of interest and work at that job site for the remainder of the year.

This class makes students aware of what jobs are in the area and increases their chances of immediate employment after graduation. With this class, students can learn practical working skills without the restrictions of a classroom.