Students win local spelling bee

Sharon Emerling
Contributing writer

Louie Coyle, a seventh-grader at Landstuhl Elementary and Middle School, finished first in the annual Ecapts Spelling Bee held at the school by correctly spelling the word “contiguous,” recently.
Students from grades one through eight participated in the spelling bee, each spelling words randomly chosen from the Scripps National Spelling Bee list.
“I feel proud and surprised that I made it this far,” said first runner up Zack VanScoy, fourth-grader. “It was kind of scary when everyone was so excited for me after the spelling bee.”
The spelling bee was organized and run by third grade teacher, Mary Armstrong, and kindergarten teacher, Michelle Groth. This is the first year for each of them to work with the spelling bee, and they were enthusiastic and pleased with the work that the students did.
“We held practice sessions twice a week for several weeks before the spelling bee,” said Ms. Groth. “It was rewarding to see how many students studied so hard for the bee.”
According to another fourth-grader Jessica Craver, “Part of the fun was the reception afterwards.” After the spelling bee, participants were treated to cookies, punch and ice cream. Clearly, Jessica, like the other spelling bee participants, felt that she was appreciated and celebrated at LEMS.
Participating in the spelling bee were: Lindsey Wesloski, Mr. VanScoy, Kaitlin Mattison, Amber Hudson, Justin Love, Rachel Collins, Michael Adames, Courtney Bean, Kayla Santos, Leo Mahony, Megan Schuler, Gabriela Barnes, Chris Grantham, Joshua Walker, Abby Tarpley, Tyler Jorgenson, Amy Putnam, Audrianna Judd, Aly Stephenson, Mikele Stephenson, Jessica Craver, Joseph Craver, Simone Warrick, Daniel Lee, Quinton Stacy, Britteny Warrick, Young Lee, Nikki Hess, Juliann Savard, Robert Knetsche, Zac Jamer, Logan Bryan, Caitlin Burgess, Patrick Connolly, Louie Coyle, Jeremy Love, Eric Press, Courtney Collins, Alley LeStrange and Ahndrae Edwards.