Supervisor Resource Center available to supervisors, leaders

Courtesy of 86th Force Support Squadron

Have you made the transition from “best technician” to “supervisor” and wondered where to get just-in-time or mandatory training? Or perhaps you are a seasoned supervisor looking for help in developing your employees?

What about employees who see themselves in a leadership role someday but need help getting started down the leadership development path? The Air Force has a tool just for you that is only a click

The Supervisor Resource Center is an on-line clearinghouse developed to put Air Force tools and no-cost resources for supervisory and leadership development at your fingertips 24/7.

Below are just a few features the SRC offers:

• Learning programs for emerging leaders and supervisors centered around the Air Force institutional competencies saving the busy supervisor time. Included are Air Force e-Learning courses, books, simulations, skill briefs and job-aids to jump-start learning and development. Courses include an assessment tool to provide a focused learning experience.

• Resources tailored to three levels of learning: Emerging leaders, first-time supervisors and seasoned supervisors.

• Learning and developing roadmaps to help supervisors guide their employees down an appropriate development

• Links to mandatory supervisory training course registration for new supervisors.

• Access to hundreds of Air Force e-Learning courses, books, video challenges, business impact series learning tools, simulations, and links to professional sites such as the Center for Creative Leadership, Harvard Business School, Wharton Center for Leadership and Change Management, Leadership Now and Forbes.

• Short, video snippets from proven Air Force leaders speaking from personal experience about leadership and supervision.

• The SRC is a great resource for those seeking no-cost resources and development tools accessible on demand to meet the needs of current and future Air Force leaders. You may access the SRC via the Air Force Portal. At the Portal Main Page, select the “Life and Career” tab followed by the “Force Development” pull down. On the left navigation, select “Supervisor Resource Center.”