Supply One-Stop helps with supply accounts

Supply One-Stop — your customer service focal point
Have a question concerning your supply account but not sure where to start? Contact the 86th Logistics Readiness Squadron Customer Support Section — better known as One-Stop, located in Bldg. 2126, Room 8.
One-Stop handles a variety of tasks ranging from taking routine issue requests, managing your custodian authorization/custody receipt listing, DRMS withdrawals, status checks, and much more.
For more information, call 480-2449/5241/5403, e-mail or check it out on the global at 86 LRS/LGRSC ONESTOP. You will get a response no later than the next duty day.  

DRMO withdrawals
Defense Reutilization and Marketing Office re-issues many useful items to Department of Defense activities for free. You can conduct a worldwide search for DRMO property at The maximum reutilization of excess property in the DRMO is highly encouraged for authorized military purposes.
DRMO and the Defense Reutilization and Marketing Service  are considered valid sources of supply. All excess and surplus property required by an organization must be obtained by routing the request through One-Stop. All withdrawals from DRMO/DRMS are processed as free issue.  

Zero Overpricing Program
To assist you in controlling and managing your allotted funds, the Air Force instituted the Zero Overpricing Program. Customers can challenge prices on items that seem to be high. It is important to review supply documents and listings for prices changes. If there are price discrepancies, contact One-Stop to make a price challenge. Use AF Form 1000, IDEA Application, and AF Form 1046, Zero Overpricing Challenge/Referral to submit ZOP challenges.