Take Note — September 14, 2018

Traffic pattern change at Ramstein East Gate

Expect traffic pattern changes at the Ramstein Air Base East Gate starting Sept. 20. Of note, the left turn into the East Gate was previously the priority flow of traffic. As of Sept. 20, the left turn will no longer be the priority and must yield to traffic coming from Mackenbach toward the traffic circle. This change is not expected to cause delays.

Ramstein CDC area congestion

A barrier will be placed to create a single-direction traffic between the Ramstein Child Development Centers from Sept. 17 to 21. Expect daily traffic diversions from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. This is a test to validate permanent traffic changes.

Bad Duerkheim wine festival

This year’s festival will be from Sept. 7 to 11 and Sept. 14 to 17. Last year’s festival was great, but there were also more than 26 alcohol-related incidents within the first four days of the festival. Many of these could have been prevented if people remembered to drink and behave responsibly. Though the Polizei, U.S. Army military police, and 569th U.S. Forces Police Squadron will be out to ensure everyone has a safe and fun time, make sure you have a plan (and a backup plan) on how to get home BEFORE you drink. While at the festival, you can make your way to the Polizei substation (near the North entrance, adjacent to the DRK tent) or call 112, which works all over Germany, for any emergencies. Be safe, and have a great festival!

Door-to-door salesmen

Living in Europe you may come across door-to-door salesmen offering to sell a wide variety of items ranging from artwork to produce. If you decide to utilize these services, the 569th U.S. Forces Police Squadron urges you to take caution with your transactions. Make sure the price of the goods is clearly established. If you are using a credit/debit card, ensure you double check the transaction total before signing any receipts – read over the entire receipt! If you do not feel comfortable using your credit/debit card, request to use cash instead.

KMC Post Office new website

The new KMC Postal Operations SharePoint site is ready for CAC users (Active Duty/Contractor/Civilians) to use for In-processing, Mail Hold or Forwards, Out-Processing, and Volunteer Opportunities at the Ramstein (North/South) and Kapaun Post Offices. The site can be found through the USAFE SharePoint portal. Questions? Contact the Northside, Southside, or Kapaun Post Office Customer Service sections.

Parking discs needed

In certain parking lots on Ramstein Air Base, display of a parking disc is required. The maximum allowable time a car may remain in these lots is posted; the driver must set the disc to the arrival time and make it visible. The following are some parking lots where discs are required; MOMS, Ramstein Officers’ Club, the commissary, the library and the community center. Parking without displaying a disc or remaining past the allowed time could result in a citation.

Green Dot Training

Have you taken your annual Green Dot training? This is a mandated annual training to gain awareness and prevention of interpersonal violence, to include sexual assault, domestic and inter-personal violence, and suicide. You have two choices for your training. If you completed the Green Dot training last year, you only need to take the 2018 GD Refresher training. If you have never taken the training, you need to take the initial training. This year’s theme is “Lots of people X Small behaviors = Big Impact.”

Sign up for your training now at the AF Green Dot SharePoint site, or call the Violence Prevention Integrators at: 480-1422.

Have you had a Green Dot moment? A time when you stopped some type of violence from occurring, or a time that you witnessed something and thought about taking action? The 86th Airlift Wing Violence Prevention Implementers (VPI) would like to hear your Green Dot moment for possible publication in the future. Please send your Green Dot Moment or story to: Glen.corlin@us.af.mil or joseph.black.14@us.af.mil

Visitor Control Center process and hours

The Ramstein Visitor Control Center now issues passes with a scannable barcode. These passes are valid for one to three days and may be used at any KMC Air Force or KMC Army installation. Any request longer than three days will require customers to receive a long-term pass. Customers should understand with the process, waiting times may be longer than usual.

The VCC opens at 6 a.m. and closes at 10 p.m., seven days a week. After hours, customers may still sign in guests at the west gate. The sponsor must be registered in IACS to sign in visitors. Furthermore, ID card holders who forget their ID may also be searched in IACS and be granted base access.

Ramstein Passenger Travel/CWTSato construction

Due to construction, the Ramstein Passenger Travel Office/CWTSato will be closed for walk-in customers Sept. 17-28. Only phone calls will be accepted during this time to assist customers. Passenger Travel 314-480-5373/5374 or 06371-47-5373-5374. CWTSato 06371-98-190.