Take this job and love it!

by Master Sgt. Devon Montgomery
Air Force Reserve Command

If you’ve ever met an in-service recruiter, you know how important their experiences, advice, and counsel can be for your career path and future opportunities. ISRs have a diverse background in active-duty service coupled with direct participation in reserve programs themselves.
They’ve been there, done that, and they know what to look out for when it comes to transitioning out of active-duty service and back to the civilian sector because they’ve done it themselves and have helped countless others do the same. Now, they serve as reserve advisors to the active component throughout United States Air Forces in Europe-Air Forces Africa.
At Ramstein Air Base, Master Sgt. Chanel Waters says insight into reserve programs is one of the most important resources ISRs have to offer active-duty members. Indeed, while total force missions have brought much reserve awareness to the active component, there are still many active-duty members who have little experience working with Reservists.
“Helping our active-duty counterparts understand differences in the reserve experience is vital,” said Waters. “That insight helps them understand how a part-time position can enhance their civilian experience.
“That’s the best part for me really — helping our active-duty counterparts by providing the valuable insight they need to make important decisions and having a positive impact,” Waters continued. “There’s nothing better than that.”
The in-service recruiting mission is essential to helping active-duty members become successful citizen Airmen. ISRs achieve this by becoming subject matter experts on retraining eligibility and qualifications, keeping up with the day-to-day changes in assignment processes, knowing what information the active-duty service member is missing to help with their decisions, and what opportunities would be available.
“As a reserve advisor, it’s easy to see why active-duty members should seriously consider a part-time assignment as they prepare to rotate back stateside, especially when separating from an overseas location”, said Master Sgt. Mark Moore, also an ISR at Ramstein,“ In many instances, some who choose to separate do not yet have a solid plan in place and may actually be relocating without full-time employment, health benefits, or other source of income set up. It’s great to be able to help those same folks keep their benefits along with a part-time income included with a pre-arranged part-time position close to home.”

For more information on part-time options in the Air Force Reserve, contact your ISR below:
Master Sgt. Chanel Waters –
480-3939 (Last names A to K)
Master Sgt. Mark Moore –
480-3940 (Last names L to Z)