Take time to thank your mentor

by Marrah Villarreal
Department of Defense Dependents Schools teacher

January is National Mentor Month and Jan. 24 is “National Thank Your Mentor Day,” meant to recognize the mentors, tutors, volunteers and helpers in KMC schools and the community.

Mentoring is about helping  individuals  develop a  positive future. It’s almost incredible to imagine the power that one individual has who can inspire another human being by teaching, helping, consoling, loving, lending a helpful hand or simply   listening. All of that can alter  the course of an individual’s life for tomorrow.  

Everyone is a mentor at one time or another. Recall those special individuals in your life who  have  inspired you and helped  you along life’s journey and see the magnitude of their mentoring in your life and others. Find them. Thank them.

 The double omegas icon is the symbol for mentors/mentees, especially if you are working with children or young adults. The double omega is an alignment of a large and small omega representing the mentoring relationship between a caring adult and  youth seeking to unlock and fulfill  their potential.  The double omega icon embodies a committment to quality mentoring in all its many and varied forms.
Make a difference in someone’s life – mentor someone today.