Tax assistance center currently available for members

Master Sgt. Sue Harper
21st Theater Support Command

The Kaiserslautern Legal Services Center Tax Assistance Center is now open for Soldiers, civilians, retirees, family members and other military ID card holders.
The TAC, located on the first floor of Bldg. 3210 on Kleber Kaserne, provides walk-in service for taxpayers who qualify to file the 1040 EZ or 1040A tax return forms and appointments for other tax returns and issues.
“There are a limited number of daily walk-in appointments and service is provided on a first-come, first-served basis,” said Maj. James Wiley, chief, client services of 21st Theater Support Command’s Kaiserslautern Legal Services Center.
The center is open 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Thursdays the center is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
“These hours are subject to reduction or expansion due to mission requirements,” Major Wiley said.
People who file more detailed forms or need assistance with foreign earned income, stock trades, day care centers or rental property can call for an appointment at 483-7688 or 0631-411-7688.
“Both walk in and by appointment patrons should bring all correct tax documents, for example an LES is not a substitute for a W-2 and as such will not be accepted,” Major Wiley said.
In addition to W2s, all walk in and by appointment tax center patrons should bring all interest statements, social security cards, military ID cards and necessary powers of attorney.
Tax center customers with more complicated taxes should bring in all tax documentation relating to their personal situation.
“For instance homeowners should bring in mortgage interest statements, Housing and Urban Development statement if applicable, etc.” Wiley said. “Active-duty personnel and Department of Defense civilians may contact their Unit Tax Advisers to obtain a more complete list of necessary tax documentation.”
People who are filing a 1040A or EZ need to be sure that they qualify to use those forms, Major Wiley said.
According to Major Wiley, in order to file a 1040EZ you must meet the following criteria:
• Status must be married
• Younger than 65
• Not legally blind
• Do not claim dependents
• Taxable income less than $50,000
• Income only from wages, salaries, tips, unemployment compensation, Alaska Permanent Fund dividends or taxable scholarships and fellowships
• Interest of less than $400
• Did not receive advance earned income credit
• Do not claim adjustment to income such as a deduction for an IRA or student loan interest or any credits other than earned income credit
In order to file 1040A Wiley said the taxpayer must meet different requirements.
“To file a 1040A you should insure several things. Your income is only from wages, salaries, IRA distributions, pensions, and annuities, taxable social security, railroad retirement benefits, taxable scholarship and fellowship grants, interest, ordinary dividends, capital gain distribution or unemployment compensations,” he said. “If your taxable income is less than $50,000, your adjustments to income are only for the following items: educator expenses, IRA deduction, student loan deduction, tuition and fees deduction.
A person filing a 1040A is not itemizing his deductions and his taxes are from one or more of the following items: tax table, alternative minimum tax, advance earned income, recapture of education credit, Form 8615 or qualified dividends and capital gain.
A person filing the 1040A can only claim child and dependent care or credit for the elderly or disabled child tax credit and additional child tax credit, education credits, retirement savings contribution, earned income credit and adoption credit.