Team KMC to participate in annual mass spring cleaning

Courtesy of the 786th Civil Engineer Squadron


The operational tempo of our workforce sometimes causes us to neglect daily housekeeping in our work and living areas. To help remind Team KMC of the importance of maintaining our facilities and the significance of taking pride in where we live and work, the 86th Airlift Wing is pleased to announce its spring cleanup event Thursday and April 26.

All Ramstein, Kapaun and Vogelweh Air Station tenant units and military family housing residents are expected to
participate. This year, the 86th AW is pleased to partner with U.S. Army Garrision Kaiserslautern to accomplish a joint operations spring cleanup across the KMC.

In addition to spring cleanup, we will also be implementing the 86th AW Base Pride Program. The intent of the Base Pride Program is to encourage all personnel to take pride in the appearance of the KMC.

This is accomplished by assigning each unit to specific areas of responsibility (similar to the Adopt A Highway program). Each group and tenant on Ramstein, Vogelweh and Kapaun has a designated area where they must ensure a neat, healthy and clean appearance. A base pride checklist will be provided to the group and tenant points of contact to facilitate the cleanup expectations.

The Base Pride Program does not release facility managers from their current responsibilities to clean within 100 feet of their facility. Instead, it supplements the facility manager program by assigning ownership to all other areas beyond the immediate vicinity of a facility.

The intent of this program is to encourage all community members to take pride in the appearance of the base and provide commanders with an organized and effective means to initiate such efforts.
Base pride days are scheduled whenever deemed necessary by the 86th AW leadership, at a minimum of twice a year in conjunction with fall and spring cleanup days.

On Thursday, the focus will be on cleaning administrative and industrial facilities, grounds, and common areas across the KMC. Objectives include litter collecting, weed pulling, trimming overgrown shrubs, tidying plant beds, removing tree limbs and pine cones, and raking and bagging leaves.

Friday is specifically set aside for members of the MFH community to focus attention on common areas like playgrounds, walkways and areas around the underground dumpsters. Residents will receive instructions in their mailboxes indicating their respective gathering location.

Spring cleanup points of contact will be at these locations to provide supplies and further instructions. With participation mandatory for housing residents, this is a great opportunity to team with your neighbors to foster community pride in the areas where you and your families live and play.

During the spring cleanup activities, the 786th Civil Engineer Squadron will coordinate additional trash pick-up services. Cleanup participants can simply place debris on the curbs of major roadways.

Biodegradable items should be in two piles — one for small wood branches up to four inches in diameter, and another for larger branches. Refuse/trash debris can be placed in the nearest underground dumpster, or also on the curbside near the biodegradable items. Items such as batteries, glass, bulk paper and metal should be taken to the nearest recycling center: Ramstein, Bldg. 5146, 06371-47-4191; or Kapaun, Bldg. 2820, 0631-536-6280). The 786th CES customer service desk can be reached by phone at 489-6623/7703/7107 or 0631-536-6623/7703/7107.

The KMC Self-Help Store, Bldg. 510 on Ramstein, has a variety of equipment, tools and materials available to assist units in this cleanup.

Facility managers, first sergeants, airman dorm leaders and squadron commanders may check out hand tools, power tools, weed and hedge trimmers, power washers, rakes, shovels, and other tools and material that will assist in getting the work done. They can be contacted at 480-5034 or 06371-47-5034.

The spring cleanup days and the 86th AW Base Pride Program are sure to improve the appearance of our KMC military installations. We look forward to everyone’s participation as we work together to make the KMC a better place to work and live.